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Our team

ERA PROJEKT is a team of people

ERA projekt is a team of experienced engineers, constantly trained in the field of innovative changes, including computer programs.

ERA projekt is a team united not only by joint work but also by the spirit of sport.

In a relaxed atmosphere – we take care of our physical and emotional health.

We like movement. We spend time outdoors. We always combine our integration meetings with physical activity. Every year we take part in the “company run”. We nurture all this so that the ERA projekt culture creates our second home.


Working at ERA PROJEKT

We invite to the recruitment people whose goal is to positively affect the construction industry. We will gladly welcome such people to our group. We are eager to invest time and energy to recruit the best in our industry. If you feel that you fit our company and would like to send us your CV, regardless of our current needs, you can do so by submitting your application to our @.


ERA PROJEKT after hours ...

Our work is our passion. Designs we create are ours works. Another thing bringing our minds in our work is having fun together. We likes exercises and integration meetings. Thanks to them, we get to know each other better, have better relationships and it is never boring. Every year, after solid and complex preparation we take part in the Company Run. During breaks at work, we play “table football”. During integration trips we reach the tops, play bowling, board games and cards. There is no time to be bored. A well-coordinated team is one that can not only work together, but also have fun together. If you feel that ERA projekt is the place for you, call us or send your CV.